flora2 My name is Alexandra Plaschka and I have been a horse fanatic ever since I can remember. As a young child I begged and begged my parents for riding lessons until they finally caved. Twenty years later, it is safe to say that it wasn’t just a ‘phase’!
Most of my riding has in in the Hunter/Jumper disciplines, with some other stuff thrown in for fun once in a while. I worked children’s riding camps, taught lessons, and brought along young, green horses. I often catch-rode, never having my own horse but always eager for a new challenge.


During my high school years, it was clear to me that I wanted to get involved with something I was passionate about: horses. I didn’t want to attend university and take endless random courses, trying to find something that interested me enough to make into a career.
After graduation, I took online equine science courses through the University of Guelph to continue my education whilst working and trying to figure out the bigger picture.


In 2012, I was more than excited to find out I had been accepted into the BC College of Equine Therapy. I had my eye on this program since high school years, never really imagining that I would eventually attend.
I graduated in May of 2014 with my Certificate of Equine Sports Therapy. Since then, I have delved further into saddle fitting with courses through Saddle Fit 4 Life (run by Jochen Schleese) and, most recently, have started a 3.5 year journey to become an Equine Osteopath through the Vluggen Institute in Texas.
I am loving the path that I am on and can’t wait to help even more horses in the years to come. The learning never ends!

In my spare time, I can be found riding my horse, Rayne, or hiking with my partner, Ben, and our 3 dogs. I love all things outdoorsy!