Allie began treatment on my thoroughbred gelding Berg, during the summer of 2013. I noticed a significant difference particularly in his temperament after only a few treatments. Not realizing the detrimental effects of an ill-fitting saddle, Allie identified problem areas and helped in my search for a well-fitted saddle. Since having regular treatments for the past year, it is clear when I need to call Allie out, something as simple as moodiness during tacking. Not only can I notice a difference, you can tell he absolutely loves it! Currently Allie treats both my dogs, thoroughbred mare, and occasionally myself. I would highly recommend Triple V to any individual looking for quality therapy from a compassionate and knowledgeable individual.

– Tarina Mosley


Berg’s “hunter’s bump”, before and after a series of treatments.

I have a dachsund mix named Roni who has luxating patellas and also a very sore back. Allie has taken Roni into her own home and treated him with her massage therapy and essential oils which has been an absolute night and day difference for him. Every time I pick him up he’s got crazy zumiez and feels like a million bucks. Allie has done wonders for him and I couldn’t be happier with his treatment! She also makes everything super easy to understand so you know exactly how your dog feels and what they need for on going treatment. I will always recommend her with full confidence. Thank you so much Miss Allie!

-Tina Mcclellan

Raffy, Delia, David, Molly ,Pirate, Mozzarella, Snapple, Savannah and Hale the Old Friends Canada horses really appreciate you Allie. – Allie first came to our home when she was a student and her relationship with our horses and us has gone from strength to strength, Allie volunteers as a rider and does horsemanship with some of our horses and is always ready to help out with her toolbox if any of the horses are having problems, Her quiet confident demeanour is an instant hit with all the horses who are able to relax with her and benefit even more from a treatment. thanks Allie

I first started having Allie come out after my gelding had a slip on the ice and developed a roached back, among other issues. She is an essential part of his care team and week by week I see improvements in not only his body but his overall happiness and well being. Allie’s gentle approach and respect for horses makes her style of care preferable for any equine. Not only does she identify and massage/stretch areas that give the horse relief (and release!) she uses acupressure to target specific regions of the body, which provides remedy to the organs as well as muscles. She follows up each session with a detailed report, which she emails later that evening. I would highly recommend Triple V Therapy

– Amanda Batchelar

Angelo is always so much more comfortable after his visits from Allie.


Excellent service very reliable. My horse loves it when Allie visits. I have really noticed great results from the massage and laser treatments. I definitely include Allie and her treatments as part of my program for success with my horses.

-Amanda M.

We’ve been out a couple of times in this pad and love it! I feel like I have better contact and sooo cushiony! We have the shims in the middle and there seems to be no more bridging! -R