What are the benefits of massage? Can’t I just do it myself?

The benefits of massage and other treatments are so numerous, and all positive!
A few to mention are:
– improved circulation
– stimulation of nerve endings
– encourage lymph flow and decrease fluid build-up in tissue
– improved range of motion
– a happy, healthy horse who is able to perform at its best!

I prefer to include my clients in the treatments so that I can show you techniques to help your horse in between sessions. This gives you a better understanding of how everything should be functioning and allows you to make small adjustments at home on a daily basis.

What kind of horses benefit from sports therapy?

Old or young, competitive or not, any horse will benefit from a therapy session. Whether it is physical alignment that is needed or light touch acupressure with some aromatherapy, most horses are very accepting of treatment and often end up very relaxed, to say the least!

How many sessions will my horse need?

This will vary from horse to horse, depending on their needs and issues at hand. Often, owners will opt for biweekly or monthly appointments for maintenance, while others may have more targeted treatments in which the issue is resolved in a few sessions. I don’t guarantee concrete timelines as working with a living, breathing animal is dependent on many factors.

How long does a session take?

I don’t give a certain time allotment for treatments as every horse is different. It can range anywhere from 45mins – 2 hours depending on what sort of treatment is needed and how it is being accepted by the animal. I don’t ever rush or try to make things happen quickly. In the long run, this makes for a much happier, relaxed animal who is more accepting of the treatment. Results will show faster and more profound with this approach.