• Massage

Promotes circulation and stimulates nerve endings, relieves adhesions and dissipates fluid build-up in tissues, improves ease of movement and range of motion, promotes relaxation.

  • Acupressure

Similar to acupuncture, but without the use of needles, acupressure balances the meridians (blood and energy pathways) of the body with light touch and has incredible healing results. Non-invasive, many ailments can be helped with this amazing technique that has existed for centuries in Chinese medicine. Most often used for pain relief.

  • Structural Adjustment

This involves working with soft tissue to address imbalances in the body. When there is restriction in the spine or other joints, often nerves are compromised and pain and inflammation occurs. Gentle mobilizations are applied to release the soft tissue and allow balance to be restored. Sometimes, passive range of motion and stretching are all that’s needed.

  • Saddle Fitting

A properly fitted saddle is so important to have a happy horse and rider. I can assess saddle fit and provide suggestions to keep your horse pain-free. I do not make physical saddle adjustments but can provide pad/shimming needs and a very thorough static and dynamic saddle fit evaluation. The owner is informed of what is working and what isn’t and how to make improvements (if able).

  • Aromatherapy

I may use a variety of therapeutic-grade essential oils either topically or by inhalation, depending on the treatment and the animal. Essential oils have wonderful healing properties on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of all animals

  • Class IV Laser Therapy

Working under Heartland Vet Services I am able to offer Class IV laser therapy to help maintain a healthy back for your horse or to aid in healing an injury. This amazing tool is the only small, portable device in the area and is a non-invasive treatment that aids in circulation, stimulates nerve endings, speeds up the healing process and helps the body to heal itself. Available for both horses and other companion animals!

  • Nutritional Balancing

Using applied kinesiology and an understanding of dietary requirements for horses and dogs I can help you with individual feed plans and suggest what may or may not be compatible for your animal.

All sessions are tailor made to the individual horse and may or may not include all of the above.
*Saddle fit evaluations and laser therapy at additional cost.